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We are specialized in helping business people develop their AI knowledge.

If you are a business leader, our corporate trainings can help you bring confidence and clarity in your team.

If you are an ambitious professional, our AI online courses can give you the knowledge you need to stand out.

We taught AI to people from these companies:

training and coaching to upskill you and your team

company trainings

Upskill your team with practical, interactive and fun workshops, or develop your company's AI strategy with one-on-one coaching.

online learning

Two courses specifically designed for people who want to play a key role in the AI revolution, but don’t want to get into the technicalities of computer science.


With their strategic yet extremely concrete approach, AI Academy helped us develop a data-driven culture in a short time.

Applying Machine Learning to business processes requires to quickly adapt your mindset. AI Academy has the keys to unlock that potential.

Fabio Pistilli

Head of Data & Analytics - FATER SPA

Who are we

And why we are different

We are a team of two who:

  • Found 3 companies
  • Worked in Silicon Valley on self-driving cars, drones, and for NASA
  • Wrote Zero To AI, a manual on AI for business leaders.

We know how to sit down at a computer and build AI algorithms, but we also speak the language of business. Our entrepreneurial, “get it done” mindset sets us apart from other trainers and consultants.

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