We are a boutique AI studio based in Rome, with its roots in Silicon Valley.
We can put our technical skills and entrepreneurial background at your service with consultancy and training, to help you join the AI revolution and avoid disruption.

“AI is the new electricity.
Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed industry after industry,
AI will now do the same.”

Andrew NG, VP & Chief Scientist of Baidu


AI for Execs and Team leaders

Targeted to executives and managers without a technical background, who want to apply AI to their business. You will learn the building blocks of an AI implementation strategy: from development to deployment, from your business's point of view.

Machine learning

Targeted at students, engineers and developers who want to actively implement Machine Learning in their company/startup. You'll learn the core concepts of learning algorithms with a practical approach and build your first learner.

Deep Learning

Targeted at students, engineers and developers who already understand machine learning, and are familiar with the code. You are going to learn the building blocks of deep learning and be able to build bots, NLP tools, and some parts of a self-driving car.

Find out what your competitors are doing with AI, and what we could do together.

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AI is all about making machines learn from data, with the goal of automating, optimizing and predicting events. Anything that can be measured can be food for AI, and therefore every industry can be disupted using it.
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The Clymb, a SailThru customer that sells outdoor gear, saw a 12% increase in email revenue and an 8% increase in total email purchases within 90 days of turning on SailThru’s personalization. After combining personalization with predictions, The Clymb saw a 175% increase in revenue per thousand emails sent, as well as a 72% reduction in churn".
Source: Harvard Business Review
In Las Vegas, Building IQ is working to help some of the biggest casinos and resorts that participate in demand response programs. In Australia, it helped one 409,000-square-foot hospital cut energy consumption by 20%.
FirstFuel Software helped identify approximately $4 billion in potential energy savings, through remote assessments and analytics of more than 100 buildings.
Opower sells software as a service to utility companies and uses AI to collect and analyze data on consumer energy usage. In 2016 it hit 11 TeraWatt-hrs of energy savings and over $1.1B in bill savings.
Sources: Forbes, Opower
Several European banks are increasing new product sales by 10% while reducing churn 20%. A recent McKinsey study found that a dozen European banks are replacing statistical modeling techniques with machine learning. The banks are also increasing customer satisfaction scores and customer lifetime value as well.
Source: Forbes
By analyzing data for patterns that occur before trouble hits, Sight Machine helps manufacturing engineers anticipate and prevent problems. For one client deploying a new robotic manufacturing line, Sight Machine was able to reduce downtime by 50% and increase performance by 25% within one month — far better than the 1%–2% performance increases typical of the client’s industry.
Source: Harvard Business Review
In May 2015, Pinterest introduced a Machine Learning based ranking system to change the order of pins based on how much Pinterest predicted people would engage with pins. It led to 30 percent more repins, said Stephanie Rogers, a related pins engineer at the company.
Source: Venturebeat
MetaMind, in Silicon Valley, offers a service called HealthMind, which uses computer vision to analyze medical scans of brains, eyes, and lungs to find tumors or lesions. HealthMind relies on deep-learning techniques for natural language processing, computer vision, and database prediction algorithms. The upshot of HealthMind is that doctors spend less time interpreting images and more time consulting with their patients.
Source: Harvard Business Review

Who we are

Simone Totaro

Tech entrepreneur since I was 16 years old. I'm passionate about bringing core technological changes to everyone. Former Biz dev at Skysense, moving into ML engineering. I always think about how intelligent agents will change the world 10 years from now. Do you?

Gianluca Mauro

Energy Engineer, turned Entrepreneur, moved into Data Science. I fell in love with AI hearing Google's head of research at Stanford. Since then, my mission has been to bring on board as many people as possible.

Nicolò Valigi

Equally at ease with wires and source code, I build drones and robots before working to make them smarter. I wickedly enjoy sorting out other people's teach projects.