We help you bring AI to your company

We believe that Artificial Intelligence will transform every industry. We can help you doing it with yours.

We do it using the methodologies that made tech giants thrive, adapted to your needs. Our offering is divided in:

AI academy training workshops

We designed three workshops around the needs of different stakeholders within the organization. All of them share the same result oriented, hype-free method:

  • Focus: the big picture of AI, for executives
  • Design: for managers, to learn AI principles and strategies.
  • Build: for the IT department, to build AI solutions.

AI-driven innovation consulting

We know how overwhelming it is to prioritize your efforts with a new transformative technology like AI.

We learnt from Silicon Valley companies how they mastered this art and adapted their approach to fit every organization. We focus both on low hanging fruits and ambitious ideas with high disruptive potential.

Let's talk about your ai goals

We are happy to talk about your vision for AI in your company. You can click on the link below to book a call in which we'll give you practical tips and clear some fog on what AI can/cannot do for you. It's free, of course.