training workshops

If you're confused about what AI really is and what it can do for your organization, you're not alone. The hype and marketing coating surrounding it prevents many from understanding its real value.

This is the problem we want to solve with our trainings.

The AI Academy trainings


For executives.
A brief, to-the-point 3 hours training to understand the scenario of AI in your industry.


For managers.
A practical two days training to understand AI's principles and implementation strategies, applied to your business.


For the IT department.
A 5 days AI full immersion, to learn how to build applications and manage contractors.

Why choose our trainings

We know that technology must be a tool to achieve business goals, and not the goal itself. On the other hand, AI is so powerful that ignoring it would be naive for any business actor.

The way we structure our courses reflects this idea: we present cutting edge ideas and tech to help you understand how AI can solve your most compelling challenges.