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Technology is constantly changing: the cutting edge technology of today can be a commodity tomorrow, tens of new services are pitched to you every month, and your competitors boast their new AI initiatives.

The questions that every leader should ask himself/herself are:

My executive coaching program is designed to help you answer all these questions.


To navigate the ever-changing world of technology, my experience is that just acquiring new knowledge is not enough. You need a shift of mindset. To help you do that, I designed a 12 week program divided in two parts.

In the first half, we'll build up your knowledge and help you evolve your mindset. We'll do that with a schedule of two 1hr meetings per week, with a repeating structure:

  1. In the first weekly meeting, I'll give you a business case about a company that achieved outstanding results with AI. We'll analyze it together, and learn what are the key elements that made that company successful. In the end of the meeting, I'll give you some "homework" (example: "talk to your Marketing director over lunch, and find out how they track this KPI")
  2. In the second weekly meeting, you'll report back about what you found out with your "exercise". We'll comment on it together, and brainstorm how can we steer your organization towards a more data-driven way of doing business. Based on what we found out, I'll send you a new business case for the following week.

This process will give you accountability and a pace that will help you evolve your mindset.

By the end of these first half of the program, we'll have identified areas of your organizations that need some change, as well as some potential new AI projects we can sketch out. In the second half, we'll tackle these opportunities, and I'll work with you to develop a roadmap to address them.

Account to allocate 4 hours per week to do this work (2hrs of meetings with me, and 2hrs for the "exercise", and to read the resources I send you).

who is this for?

This coaching program is thought for company executives and managers at medium and large sized organizations. If you want, you can bring on board 2 other people from your team to participate in our meetings.

How much is this, and how can we start?

The cost of the program is €15.000. For the first month of the program, you just need to pay €1.000. If you are not getting any value from it you can stop, or continue and pay the full fee.

If you want to try it out, just send me an email using the form below. We'll set up a call in which I'll ask you questions about your personal goals and the challenges of your organizations. Based on these goals, I'll prepare the first business cases and we'll set up our meeting schedule.

Applying Machine Learning to business requires to quickly adapt your mindset.
AI Academy has the keys to unlock that potential.

Fabio Pistilli

Head of Data at Fater (producer of major consumer goods brands, €1.3B/yr revenues)

Meet your coach

My name is Gianluca Mauro. I've been working with AI since 2015, before it was cool 🙂

I've helped multibillion dollar corporations from different industries with their AI transformation. I taught their teams, coached their executives, and built their AI projects (unlike many business consultants, I actually built AI projects). Examples of these companies I worked with are Procter & Gamble, the Fater Group (Pampers, Lines, ACE), Merck, Brunello Cucinelli, Daikin.

I've been teaching at conferences all over the world, and as a guest lecturer in Universities (ESCP Business School MBA, at the Italian Research Institute, the International University of Monaco and the University of Rome La Sapienza).

I'm the cofounder of AI Academy and author of Zero To AI, a manual on AI for business leaders.

More questions?

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