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50% of companies are already using AI, but just few people understand it. If you become one of the few, you'll be the leader of your company's future AI applications 💪.

Mark Cuban (American billionaire, entrepreneur, and investor) said it well: AI, machine learning — whatever you’re doing — learn it. Otherwise, you'll be a dinosaur in three years.

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What my students say

If you want to take steps forward in your career or grow your business you cannot ignore AI. Even if you sell tomatoes! And AI Academy knows how to make it easy.

Giovanni Testa

Gianluca's teaching is superb. He manages to make something I thought was inaccessible, more accessible. Now I want to know more about AI and try to make it my job!

Biagio Cuomo

I've always been interested in technology. People used to say that I couldn’t work in these fields without knowing coding, so I should either learn it or change interests. I disagreed, so did Gianluca. AI expert was a big step in my life which highly contributed to starting a career in this field.

Helin Yontar

Gianluca is one of the leading experts on AI, always clear and precise in his explanation, followed by key examples to make concepts more clear. His way of teaching and explaining is astonishing.

Riccardo Lupinu

Gianluca's teaching is superb. He manages to make something I thought was inaccessible, more accessible. Now I want to know more about AI and try to make it my job!

Biagio Cuomo

What you will learn

You don't need to know how to code to work with AI.

Companies need people who can understand the technology, use AI tools, communicate with Data Scientists and the processes behind AI projects.

This is what this program will teach you. Developed after years of teaching to managers at large companies, it's simple, easy to follow, and memorable.

1. Understanding modern AI and Machine Learning

  1. The promise of Artificial Intelligence
  2. The “old way” of writing software
  3. The limitations of traditional software: writing a hard-coded algorithm
  4. The Machine Learning approach
  5. Learning the language of machine learning
  6. Understanding ML phases: training and inference
  7. Does my ML algorithm work? Training and testing
  8. When should I use Machine Learning? The ML checklist
  9. Section summary - what's AI and what is Machine Learning?

2. Applying AI to your core business processes

  1. AI for core business data
  2. Measuring success: definining your KPI
  3. Case study: Google Data Center
  4. Case study analysis: Why was Google successful?
  5. Interview with Jim Gao: the initiator of the Google Data Center project
  6. Section summary

3. Deep Learning: Business applications in Computer Vision and Audio Processing

  1. Opportunities and challenges of computer vision
  2. Teaching computes to see - introduction to Deep Learning
  3. Demo: building an image classifier with Google Teachable machine
  4. Demo: fooling an image classifier and the risks of computer vision
  5. Behind the tech: how does Google Teachable machine work? Introducing transfer learning
  6. Face recognition - how computers can recognize you
  7. Computer vision applications: classification, localization, embeddings, image generation and style transfer
  8. AI for sound: trigger word detection, classification and generation
  9. Case study: Cucumber farm

4. Natural Language processing: designing applications with strong business impact

  1. Natural Language Processing: the dream and the harsh reality
  2. Teaching computers to read: sentiment analysis and text classification
  3. Deep Learning and Language
  4. Other applications of NLP, and the frontiers of the technology
  5. Interview with Marco Trombetti - founder of Translated

5. Driving user engagement with recommender systems

  1. Why recommender systems? Content vs Community
  2. Recommender systems - content based
  3. Demo: understanding image similarity in fashion
  4. Recommender systems - community based
  5. Demo: the Netflix recommender system
  6. Case study: Netflix
  7. Section summary

6. Unsupervised learning: Using AI to find hidden insights in data

  1. Introducing Unsupervised Learning
  2. Business use cases for unsupervised leraning
  3. Case study: Opower
  4. Section summary

7. Putting all together: AI as a tool

  1. AI ethics
  2. AI as a tool to solve business problems
  3. Using different technologies to build complex AI products
  4. Course conclusion and goodbye!

Meet your teacher

My name is Gianluca Mauro. I've been working with AI since 2015, before it was cool 🙂.

I've helped multibillion-dollar corporations in their AI transformation: teaching their teams, coaching their executives, and also building their AI projects.

I love teaching. I've done it for corporations, conferences all over the world, and as a guest lecturer in Universities.

I'm the co-founder of AI Academy and author of Zero To AI, a manual on AI for business leaders.

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Do I need to know math or coding?

Nope. This course is specifically designed for people that want to use AI in their work, without getting into the technicalities.

Can I really learn AI without coding?!?!

Absolutely. Not everyone in a company that uses AI needs to be able to code.

Let's take the example of a car company that is producing electric cars: do you think that everyone in the company knows the laws of electromagnetism? Hell no! There are scientists in the company who know everything about it, but everyone else just needs to have an "operational understanding" of how EV cars work.

The same applies to AI: in every company there will be data scientists who know everything about coding and algorithms, but everyone else will just need to understand the core concepts of the technology so they can envision new applications, manage AI projects, communicate with the AI team, etc.

This is what I'll teach you!

I'm very busy - can I finish the course?

I made it easy for busy people like you to study at your own pace. You have all the time you need to watch the pre-recorded lessons (a lot of my students get the course and start studying whenever they have time).

Why should I trust the teacher have to teach?

I've been in AI for years, working with companies ranging from Silicon Valley startups up to large multinational corporations. Examples are Procter & Gamble (producer of major consumer goods brands, $70B+ revenue/year), Fater (producer of brands like Pampers, Lines and ACE), Merck (first pharmaceutical company in the world!), EIT Innoenergy (body of the European Union).

I didn't only train their employees and executives at these companies, but I also built projects for them, gaining exposure to what it actually means to work with AI within a company.

I also taught in various Universities, like ESCP Business school at their executive MBA in Turin, Madrid and Lisbon, The International University of Monaco, University of Rome La Sapienza, and the Italian Research Institute (CNR).

What career opportunities will I gain?

50% of companies are already running AI projects (source: McKinsey). This course will help you boost your existing career in all these companies, or open up new opportunities for new AI-specific roles (AI product manager, AI innovation manager, AI project manager, AI evangelist, etc.).

What if I don't like the course?

Just send me an email within 14 days and I'll refund your entire purchase.

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