About AI Academy

our mission

speed up the diffusion of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Academy was funded to bring the AI mindset of the greatest Silicon Valley tech companies to every organization.

Our experience in tech startups taught us that the chasm to cross to become an AI company is not in the technology, but rather in the awareness and mindset. We're here to challenge this and bring AI to every company.

"AI is the new electricity; it will transform industry after industry

Andrew NG - VP & Chief Scientist @ Baidu, "the Google of China"

our customers

We are proud to have worked with some great companies in different industries.

The Team

Gianluca Mauro

Gianluca is an Energy Engineer and Fulbright BEST scholar. His passion is finding the intersection of business and technology to build new creative solutions to challenging problems.

Nicolò Valigi

Nicolò is an Aerospace Engineer, MBA and Fulbright scholar. Entusiast technologist, Nicolò has spent years in Silicon Valley as a software engineer on drones and Self Driving cars.